Forgotten: critically acclaimed dance performance from Simone Grøtte

During the Arctic Arts festival in Harstad, Simone Grøtte premiered Glemt, which deals with the forced evacuation of Finnmark during the war. “I have grown up in Finnmark and have had the history of war close. There are so many tracks after the war, yet I knew so little”, dancer and choreographer Simone Grøtte tells NRK Troms. Nordlys gives the performance 6/6 and says, “It’s so well made that it almost took my breath away. (…) There is a long way between performances of this caliber. It is quality and a comprehensive idea and thought in absolutely every aspect. It is a Gesamtkunstwerk, and Richard Wagner would certainly agree. We hope Grøtte and her amazing ensemble can travel around the country. Everybody needs to see “Forgotten.”

We are therefore excited to tell you that the next time it becomes possible to see the show is at Showbox!  

I ask grandpa what sound he remembers best from the war. He answers the “the hatch that is closed over us when the torpedo alarm goes.” Grandfather tells that as an 11-year-old he was taken from his home and forced to evacuate with the German boat Karl Arp. Why had I not heard of this before? Why did not I ask?

FORGOTTEN is a dance show with the brutal Northern Norway war story as a backdrop. Everyday memories, the nuances of war, taste, smell and childhood memories. The idea is approaching the great war through the little man’s experience. The audience is invited into the venue for a close experience conveyed through dance, objects and authentic sound recordings from a concealed past.

FORGOTTEN are memories of war, about losing, about forgetting, about trying to get up again.