Who’s got the power?

Power and powerlessness is a thrilling and visually strong performance with two male dancers where power is challenged through vulnerability and brutality. Who has power and who feels powerless? Can this change? We meet two young men who are in clear imbalance, with themselves and with each other. Do these two find their own identity and balance? Do they dare look the other into their eyes? How do they communicate and what happens in the power game between them? Will the oppressed be suppressed?

Light and dark play their own role in this performance, where the dancers carry light bulbs and decide what gets attention. In the urban soundscape melody meets electronic sound effects. High fences can give associations to a prison. A prison that is both outside and inside the characters. Someone is locked in or maybe put in prison? Is there hope? Will the weak rise?

Acrobatics, parkour and partnering are used in a philosophical background. How does one person shape another? How is a new generation shaped and how does human beings live today, in the Nordic region in 2017?

Power and powerlessness is a Nordic production with the dance artists Tony Tran (NO) and Antero Hein (FI/SE), in collaboration with composer Jens L. Thomsen (FO).