8 kilo of gold confetti

In OXYTRAIN, Biong / Schia is basing the perfomrance in the relationship between hormones and movements. In a maximistic landscape, they balance between parody and fervency.

Life travels inside me. Streams of emotions, associations and parodies in unnumbered order. Glittering memories, bloated dreams and golden moments.
The heart explodes in confetti. 8 kg of gold in millions of pieces fly,
sticks to the skin. The gold is slippery. I’m losing my balance.
Overwhelming positivity can be so dominant that you want to take of your own skin.
It’s hard to be bigger than yourself.


Biong / Schia was established in 2013 by Katja Henriksen Schia and Nina Biong. Together they produced 4 dance performances. In their projects, they often explore the connection between minds, movements and human intuitive expressions.