Claire Parsons Co with Grass to Showbox

The stage is covered with grass and half a car is about to enter. Two red-headed figures and a coffee craving neighbor appear. Here in the grass, anything can happen!

The family performance Grass is an imaginative collaboration between Claire Parsons Co and Marionetteatern, with dancers, puppeteers and circus artists

Claire Parsons just won the prestigious Cullberg Prize in Sweden, and the jury says: “With her imaginative, wayward and subtle dance performances, the inhabitants of Stockholm have been lucky, focusing on the young audience for more than 15 years. Her artistry has evolved over the years, the expression has been expanded and she shows us keen, often humorous observations of life. Claire Parsons is also well known to an international audience. We can be proud that Swedish choreographers like Claire Parsons hold such high class and stand high in rank internationally. “