Tobias og dagen det smalt

Academic program at Showbox

During  Showbox we offer you professional input throughout the week. It’s free for everyone, but since the spaces are limited, we want you to sign up by sending us an email. Most of the talks and seminars are in Norwegian, but the GREAT Art for Young Children is in English.

Monday 3 December

To make art with gender diversity as a theme
In conjunction with the performance Tobias og dagen det smalt, we invite you to a discussion about gender diversity in arts for a young audience. It is possible to buy tickets for the performance both before and after the seminar. Seminar is in Norwegian. Read more here.

Tuesday 4 December

GREAT art for young children
Through the project GREAT art for young children, three new performances for 0-3 years were shown at Dansens Hus in 2017 and 2018. These performances are gathered for a small festival and together with this a seminar about the experience of creating works for the very young. The seminar will be held in English. Read more here.

Room for Religion in Performing Arts for the Young People
In cooperation with the church, we invite a seminar where we look at the church as a cultural participator and cultural bearer. Is there room for all kinds of art? And should there be room for all kinds of art? How can art be a part of religion dialouge? Seminar is in Norwegian. Read more here.

It is time to attend both seminars.

Wednesday 5 December and Friday 7 December

Morning talk with Julie Rongved Amundsen

Just like last year, we have invited PhD in theatre and editor of Julie Rongved Amundsen, to talk to artists, theatre makers and others. We will make sure the coffee is ready. More info to come. Talk is in Norwegian.

Tobias og dagen det smalt – Rimfrost productions. Photo: Marius Fiskum