Blårollinger: Captain Credible

Get in the holiday spirit with Blårollinger and Det stille teateret

At Saturday, December 8th, we end this year’s Showbox with a Double Bill. At the bottom of the ocean 1

Join us a beautiful, wordless exploration trip into the depths of the ocean with Det stille teateret and the performance At the bottom of the ocean. Glittering fishing swim slowly in the waves. A shy hermit crab wakes up from its hideaway, and the scallops watch over their secret.

Next, the children are invited to help make strange and funny music with unusual tools.Captain Credible, the crazy science musician. He uses rare home-made instruments, a magic helmet and an orchestra of trampling robo- rabbits as he takes the audience on a journey through an exciting fantasy world in a galaxy far from home. 

There will be music, waffles and holiday spirit!

If you want to see both performances, we offer discouted KOMBO tickets (75, – for children and 150, – for adults). You  find the KOMBO ticket at the bottom of the ticket page.