First program release for 2020

First program release for Showbox 2020

The first program release is the dance performance “Å klore seg fast”, by Simone Grøtte, which premiered at the Northern Lights Festival earlier this year.

“Å klore seg fast” is six months with six feet of snow. It is fiery mosquitoes. It’s the first day of sunshine after the winter dark, the dark humor and the smell of bonfire coffee. It is headwind and downtime. A mixed accounting of pluses and minuses. It’s the feeling of belonging – the little secret you carry with you on your inner pocket. The secret you can take out when life gives you a winter road.

About growing up on a small spot on the edge of the world, in Nowhereville, with nowhere to dance. About listening to their inner long-term forecast. To get stuck in the surroundings. To get stuck in life.

The show builds on Simone C. Grøtte’s previous work with, among other things, “Glemt” and “Mannen som stoppet hurtigruta” that we previously showed at Showbox. “Å klore seg fast” explores the presence here and now. We meet three dancers, newly composed music by Herman Rundberg and authentic sound recordings with voices from the north.

“Å klore seg fast” is a co-production between Hålogaland Theater and Simone Grøtte.

See you at Showbox in December!

Photo: Ingun A. Mæhlum