Everything we don't sa - Unge Viken Teater 1

Everything we do not say – Unge Viken Teater

“Everything we do not say” weaves together three newly written stories about truth, lies and everything in between. The playwrights Amy Black Ndiaye, Julian Karenga and Melike Leblebicioglu write about three characters who are firmly planted in their respective dilemmas. It’s about belonging, but not feeling at home. About relying on your own limits, but putting padlocks on the bar cabinet. About the boys, money and family. About the little moments in life that change you forever.

“Sometimes you lie so well that you believe it yourself, while other times you tell the truth without anyone listening.”

On the team, Unge Viken theater has director Cici Henriksen and actors Camilla Klaudiussen, Numa Norderhaug and Serhat Yildirim, and together they will create a performance that revolves around teenagers’ experiences, but which is primarily about three people, full of mistakes, courage, frustration and joy.


By: Amy Black Ndiaye, Julian Karenga and Melike Leblebicioğlu
With: Camilla Klaudiussen, Numa Edema Norderhaug and Serhat Yildirim
Director: Cici Henriksen
Choreographer: Belinda Braza
Composer: Bjartur Gudjonsson aka Beatur
Lighting design / scenography: Clement Irbil
Playwright: Øystein Ulsberg Brager

Photo from rehearsal: Morten Bendiksen