Hege Haagenrud - Pet Parenting (arb. tittel) 1

Hege Haagenrud – Pet Parenting (working title)

The renowned choreographer Hege Haagenrud is finally back at Showbox. We look forward to showing her new piece.

In the performance, she is inspired by psychology professor Stanley Coren who believes that a two-year-old is on the same mental level as a dog. Both can understand the meaning of around 150 words, feel empathy, count to 5, fool others, laugh and cry. In her artistic work, she is fascinated by the behavior and movement language of different animals, and often uses it as a basis for the dancers’ improvisation, and as an element in the final expression. This time she is not only inspired by animals; the dancers must BE dogs. They want to take a closer look at the relationship between children and dogs, and in this performance they let the child meet themselves – as a dog.