The Guljerven Award 2021

Have you nominated your favorites for Gulljerven?

2020 and 2021 have been a tough year for actors in the field of performing arts, and therefore it is all the more important to celebrate properly! The nominations will come from the performing arts field itself, and we encourage everyone to think about breadth and diversity when you nominate. The prize is awarded during this year’s Showbox, the first week in December.


This year’s newcomer

Has a new company or a performer entered the field and taken children and young people by storm? Is there anyone you see going to be the new big in the performing arts field for children and young people? Someone who deserves the rest of the field to be aware of them?

Funniest tour story

And yes, it must be told! This award goes to a performer, a company, a tour operator or an organizer who in one way or another has caused the world’s funniest tour history!

This year’s feedback

This award goes to the best feedback a performer, company or institution has received from their audience. It can be positive, joyful, weird, incomprehensible or furious feedback. The feedback is nominated as a «quote». Also state which performance the feedback applies to.

This year’s cable puller

This award goes to a steady technician who knows how to pull their cable. It can also go to a dancer, actor or performer who shows strong commitment and exquisite precision during rigging up and down.

This year’s partner at home alone award

This award goes to the best partner who endures that their cohabitant, girlfriend or spouse lives large parts of their life on the road on tour and mostly only meet them on the weekends. Or maybe the person who really stepped up when all the tours were suddenly canceled?

Host of the year

Is it a school, a culture house or a county that is always fantastic to get to? Anyone done that little bit extra to make sure things go smoothly?

This year’s recycling hero

Has anyone taken old costumes or scenography to new heights? Creative use of the same script and roles? Here you can nominate costumes, props and scenography elements for adventurous journeys through performances and companies, or staff who are reused in imaginable and unimaginable combinations of different functions and roles.

The most available of the year

We love meeting the audience! In recent years, who has been extra inventive in how they have adapted content, space and medium, who has used sensational and groundbreaking strategies to reach out?

Open class

You can justify this price yourself. The nominee can be in the production apparatus, administration, performer, technician and more.


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