In collaboration with Dansens Hus, we have the pleasure of presenting KinShips.


We have landed in the trembling, rhythmic and microbial atmosphere of the skin. We are the size of microbes in a universe of dancers, shapes and figures. On a journey where we study the meetings between us. Between microbes, between people, between small and large, between us and the larger family.

kinShips is a tribute to the extended family (kin). A family beyond blood ties. Which houses a neighbors cat, the tree outside your window, a dandelion in the house wall and the microbes that envelop you. The microbes that form a protective armor on your skin. Kinships are the visibility of the invisible. A love song to the microorganisms and an examination of the microscopic that originates in young children’s fresh view of the world.


TARGET GROUP: 0-2 years

Tickets through Dansens Hus (follow link).


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