Monster i magen

Monster i magen

Before, my stomach was full of regular stomach-stuff such as intestines and breakfast and cinnamon rolls. I had a mom then. My mom got sick and tiny. And then a huge monsteregg appeared inside the stomach, here!


When the girl’s mother dies, the Girl discovers that a monster has moved into her stomach. The monster refuses to move out and makes her do all sorts of stupid things. Not least, the monster makes monster juice that drips out of her eyes when she gets bored and it destroys everything. The girl has invited the audience in for an overnight visit, because now the hour of settlement has come: The monster must go!


TARGET GROUP: 1st-4th grade


Monster i magen/Monster in the Stomach is produced by Rimfrost Productions. Rimfrost productions create theater based on themes that should be highlighted and stories they believe should be told. The company was started on Senja in 2006, and moved to Tromsø in 2013.


The performance can be seen on Thursday 02 December on the Black Box Theater main stage. Well met!