Parasite: Join the house artists at Kuben upper secondary school

Do you want to try yourself as a house artist together with Landing at Kuben upper secondary school?

Landing has worked at Kuben upper secondary school for eight consecutive weeks, and during this period they have become part of the school. Landing makes use of their rooms, the students who go there and the school’s teaching arrangements. Landing wants real exchange with the students, and has developed strategies and formats that allow them to meet the students through art and the body. Landing wants the students to experience that contemporary art is something that can concern them.

During Showbox, Landing has his last week at Kuben upper secondary school, and offers the Showbox audience to try their hand as a house artist together with Landing.

If you want to try yourself as a house artist, Landing will give you an introduction so that you can then join them as a house artist for a whole day or parts of the day. Send a request by text message to Venke Marie Sortland on 901 90 672.


Choreography and performance: Sigrid Kopperdal, Ida Gudbrandsen and Venke Marie Sortland
Costumes and performance: Fredrik Floen
Scenography: All
Collaborating partner: Kloden theater
Place of completion: Kuben upper secondary school. The VGS cube is located opposite the Kloden theater. Attendance within the main entrance.

Supported by: Norwegian Cultural Council, Fund for Sound and Vision, SPENN