Premiere: Berre ein hund

Premiere: Berre ein hund (Just a Dog) – Hege Haagenrud

The performance Berre ein hund (Just a Dog) is based on 3-7 year old children’s retelling of a story, as they remember it. The story naturally takes several “detours” and the performance turns into anything but Per Sivles novel written in 1887. The dancers Alicia Kerrolf, Stian Danielsen og Vilja Kwasny do their best to mediate the stories which unfolds, as the medium for the childrens ideas and stories.

Premiere: Berre ein hund - Hege Haagenrud

What were we talking about again?


No, it wasn’t about bears.


No, not dogs. We were talking about humans who tried to shoot the hand of-

Actually, at first we talked about-


Ok, fine back to dogs then.

And the English guy?

Yeah, back to the English guy.

Start the story again, now!



December 1st, 11:40

December 1st, 12:30