The Lava Forest

Ingri Fiksdal’s new performance for children

Mysterious creatures emerge from the floor. They have crooked backs, tentacles and beaks. They creep and crawl and spin and tumble. Are they from another planet?

Lavaskogen (The Lavaforest) is a sensual performance with three dancers moving in a large pile of colorful textiles. The audience is sitting on all four sides of the stage, close to the action. The dancers turn into various creatues and create movements in their own bodies and the textile scenography, which creates associations to various landscapes and new enviroments.

Lavaskogen (The Lavaforest) focuses on giving children a sensual experience, which has the potential to inspire to exåøpre ones movements. The thematic background for this performance is based in the climate crisis, consumption and how it affects the landscapes we live in.

The performance is suitable for children 6 years and older.

Parts of the scenography and costumes in Lavaskogen was originally created by Fredrik Floen for the performance Spectral in 2020. They are reused in a new way for this performance.


Concept and choreography: Ingri Fiksdal
Choreography and dance: Hawa Janlo, Mariama Fatou Kalley Slåttøy and Ole Marius Støle.
Scenography and costume: Fredrik Floen
Lighting design and technical: Christian Paulsen
Music: Camilla Vatne Barratt-Due and Ådne Meisfjord
Outside eye: Kjell Moberg
Production and administration: Eva Grainger, Ida Frømyr Borgen and Kristin Skiftun
Production and distribution: Nicole Schuchardt

Produced by Fiksdal dans stiftelse
Co-produced by Kloden teater

Supported by Norsk Kulturråd and Spenn