Failure landscape – Workshop performance

Eoin McKenzie (GB) Martijn Joling (NO) Stina Strange Thue Tobiasen (DK)

01/12/2021 - 09:00 - 09:45

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“Failure Landscape” is an interactive show about failure. “Failure landscape” is a further development of Martijn, Stina and Eion’s participation in the EU project PUSH + Failure lab in Belgium 2019. This artist laboratory investigated, on a philosophical level, what failure is compared to success, what and who decides what is a failure , and what does it mean on both a professional and a personal level?

During the laboratory, the artists investigated how important the concept of failure is for children and young people. Especially for children and young people, it is difficult to appreciate the mistake, because they are often measured and rewarded. In “Failure landscape” the children are encouraged to just fail. The world is turned upside down, and we question what is right and wrong.


This workshop is shown as part of a seminar related to various EU projects that are relevant to the field of performing arts today. More information to come.


Photo: PUSH + Failure lab. Photographer: Jassy Earl