Rom for dans

30/11/2023 - 10:20 - 10:50
From 6 years

What’s going on? Human-sized ants? And they collect… breadcrumbs the size of whole loaves?

Ants is an interactive and spectacular dance performance where each performance is unique and adapted to the outdoor space it is performed in. The audience collaborates with the ants, gets various tasks and maybe even joins in a little ant dance.

Three giant ants arrive in the schoolyard. They don’t speak, but go about their business, organizing and placing what look like breadcrumbs in various formations. The children and the ants work together to create patterns, routes and tracks from the crumbs, transforming the schoolyard into a huge, visual work of art.

The ants communicate through body language, clicking sounds and engage the audience without being intrusive. The children are part of a creative, open space where they create, build, dance and collaborate. The children themselves choose how they want to interact with the big ants; some follow the ants’ initiative, others find their own ways and some may even join in a little ant dance.

The children meet the ants on their home turf; the school or in a nearby natural area. In the performance, the children’s actions are central, the interaction takes place on the children’s terms within a choreographic and musical structure.

Duration: 30 minutes
Language: No speech
Target group: From 6 years

Rom for dans

Each performance is unique, adapted to the individual school’s outdoor space and experienced locally. The play is about communication and collaboration, and engages the children without being intrusive. In Maur, the children get to create form, explore and take part in art, and they learn about cooperation, participation and respect for nature. Ants are best for the youngest (1st-2nd grade) where the children still wonder if the big ants are real. Themes can be linked to science subjects 2nd stage and social studies 4th stage and to themes such as sustainability, ecology and nature. With our times’ challenges surrounding the eradication of insects, the play can be an introduction to discussion and learning about the role of insects in our lives, and can easily be connected to several of the school’s learning objectives and the overarching theme of sustainability. A teacher’s guide and teaching material have been developed for the performance.

The performance Ants was produced by Polyglot Theater in 2012 and has since played to thousands of children in Australia in public spaces; in parks, squares, shopping centres, airports and museums. Maur is a further development of Ants, adapted to Norwegian schools and The cultural school bag. Rom for dans has had professional and artistic responsibility for the development of the Norwegian Ant, and is a producer in Norway. DKS Innlandet and DKS Oslo have been driving forces to bring the production to Norway and have contributed funds to realize the project.

Performers: Emilie Østby, Tora Brekke, Ida Haugen, Chollada Phinitduang
Artistic and professional responsibility – Norwegian version: Caroline Wahlström Nesse, Marius Kjos and Camilla Myhre
Collaboration partners: DKS Oslo and DKS Innlandet