Artist talks

Hina Zaidi og Daniel Grindeland

01/12/2020 - 15:00 - 15:30

A sofa, an armchair, half an hour, two performing artists. What are they talking about? At Showbox 2020, we launch our new video and podcast series; Artist talks. Two by two they meet with us in Kabelgata. We have put them together, some have met before, others meet for the first time, and what they both have in common is that they work with performing arts for a young audience.

Daniel Grindeland started with breaking in 2005, today works as a freelancer and is a member of Absence dance company. Daniel’s expression is based on dance, acrobatics, explosiveness and storytelling, and the goal is to convey art, and spread joy and depth through dance to people of all ages. He has extensive experience as a dancer at institutions, internationally and on tour in the Cultural Schoolbag. In addition, Daniel is an active workshop holder and lecturer, and has also won several dance competitions.

Hina Zaidi is an actress, slam poet and boxing coach. She is educated as a performing artist at Nordic Black Xpress and a child welfare educator. Hina has experience from both stage and film/TV, and from work at both institutions and different independent companies. In 2019, she participated in and developed the boxing performance BEST together with Det Norske Teatret at Rommen Scene, SPKRBOX and Stovner Boxing Club. She has worked with children and young people for several years and in several contexts, both as a teacher and performing artist.