At the bottom of the ocean

At the bottom of the ocean

Det stille teateret

07/12/2018 - 11:00 - 11:30
Fra 2 år

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Language: wordless

Join us a beautiful, wordless exploration trip into the depths of the ocean.

Glittering fishing swim slowly in the waves. A shy hermit crab wakes up from its hideaway, and the scallops watch over their secret.

A performance inspired by Inger Hagerup’s poem “At the bottom of the sea are the ships”.

Supported by the National Cultural Council, Performing Arts Fund and Vestfold County Council.

Thea Elisabeth Skallevold (Performer and Director)
Håvard Steensen (figures, scenography and photo)
Torill Skallevold (costume and seam)
Johannes Skyberg (music)
Oscar Udbye (light)
Helge Reistad (photo)
Daniel Klingen Borg (consultant)
Julie Lindvik (consultant)