Bare en våt munn

Only a wet mouth


06/12/2018 - 18:30 - 19:30
Fra 16 år

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Language: Norwegian

They have been at a uterus festival, dived into literature and searched for their inner and outer goddess in preparation for this performance. But first and foremost, they have listened to women.

“If women have failed to create ‘universal art’ because we are trapped in the personal, why not make the ‘personal’ universal and make it the object of our art?” – Chris Kraus

Bare en våt munn is a documentary theatre performance where the new company Lindeberg/Nilsen investigates the Western culture’s ideas of womanhood. The background material is over twenty depth interviews with women of different ages and backgrounds, autobiographical texts, gender symbols and popular culture clichés. How do we manage a female identity that is expected to be played out and maintained by women? What lays behind the womens own staging? In the gray areas? In the games between submission and domination, in the tense relationship of desire, extinction and love?

We look forward to experiencing this new constellation between Katja Brita Lindeberg and Madeleine B. Nilsen.

Then she’s standing there in front of me, the small hot woman. Her eyes are so open, it makes me afraid to fall into them and never come out again, and the tentacles that rolls out of her wide open chakras have got a hold of me, and keep my soul so tight that I don´t know if I should flip out or sleep with her.


Script and performers on stage: Madeleine B. Nilsen, Katja Brita Lindeberg
Costumes and scenography: Sylvia Denais
Composer: Martin Mulholland
Light: Eirik Brenne Torsethaugen
Dramaturg/Teaterhuset Avant Garden: Guro Hustad Stugu Marketing: Kristin Nordsæther
Stage manager: Annette Hoff
Contributors – workshop holders: Saila Hyttinen (text work) and Ossi Niskala (work with choreography)
Producer: Katja Brita Lindeberg
Co-producer: Lokstallen and Teaterhuset Avant Garden
Supported by: Norsk kulturråd, Fond for lyd og bilde, Fritt ord, Trøndelag fylke, Trondheim kommune,, Fond for frilansere, Dramatikkens hus and Dansit