Beyond the Stars 5

Beyond the Stars


30/11/2022 - 12:00 - 12:45
From 5 years

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In collaboration with Brageteatret.

Luka has made a spaceship, but she can’t fly it alone, she has to have helpers.
In the new class, at the new school, she is put in a group with Hugo and Bille, and when the three are given an impossible task by the teacher, the spaceship becomes the answer to the problem. They run away, into space!

Off on an adventure that will be both exciting, fun and scary, and your new friendship will certainly be put to the test.

This is a story about escaping, perhaps going home again, and the search for the one planet where everything is good.

“Beyond the stars” is a rambling and poetic science-fiction show for everyone aged 5 and up.

With Camilla Klaudiussen, Oda Djuplasti and William Greni Arnø

Director and script: Nils Petter Mørland

Scenography: Monica Valsø

Lighting: Ingeborg Olerud

Composer: Nils Petter Mørland
Choreography: Guro Karijord

Poster photo: Anne Valeur
Photo: Signe Fuglesteg Luksengard

Best from 5 years

Language: Norwegian

Produced by Brageteatret 2021