Blikk (Gaze) 1


Mine Nilay Yalcin

01/12/2022 - 09:30 - 10:30
From 13 years

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In collaboration with SPKRBOX.

Girls don’t spit.

Girls don’t swear.

Girls don’t gaze.

Girls don’t fight back.

Girls don’t fight.

Girls don’t kick.

Girls don’t smash other girls’ heads into the ground.

Or, do they?


The year is 2018, in a schoolyard in Oslo, a group of girls get into a mass fight. Just a few days later it happens again. The headline in the media reads: “The girls fight because of ‘blikking’ in the schoolyard”.


“Blikking” is often invisible.
It is only visible to the person exposed to it.
It is a phenomenon where people use the “gaze” to exercise power.
Being exposed to “blikking” can be perceived as threatening. And this quickly becomes the basis for larger conflicts.
And the conflicts they arise. They degenerate into mass brawls.


In BLIKK, parallels are drawn to the myth of Medusa. The woman who is cursed by Athena and turned into a monster with black eyes, where everyone who looks into her eyes turns to stone. Medusa therefore retreats to the edge of the world where she remains an eternal target for warriors who want to kill the “monster”.


Girls who act out, get angry, or are violent are often seen as “abnormal”, they do not follow the norm, and can easily be ostracized and stigmatized for that reason.


BLIKK is a performance with only girls in the ensemble on stage.

A performance for young people/young adults that takes gazing, bullying, girl gangs and angry girls to the stage.

Because there is too little talk about it. It is a topic that is difficult to tackle, precisely because this type of bullying is so hidden.

But in this performance, the gaze must be up and forward.

It’s a performance that hits like a punch in the gut, transforming kind girls into uninhibited warriors and Medusa’s doppelgangers.



Director: Mine Nilay Yalcin
Dramaturg: Christine Helland
Inspector/producer: Anja Kjærnli

Hina Zaidi
Amalie Eggen
Madeleine F Røseth
Lisa Birken’s Thun
Julia Sørensen

Costume: Synne Føreland
Lighting designer: Clement Irbil
Technician: Linda Nikolaisen

In collaboration with Kloden theater and SPKRBOX

Supported by the Cultural Council, Fund for Sound and Image, FFUK, Fritt ord and SPENN