Cirka Teater

01/12/2017 - 12:00 - 13:00
From 10 years

Machines. Mechanics. Two men. A chicken.

With Garage, Cirka Theater wanted to create a raw performance that gives the audience a different theatrical aesthetics than usually associated with theater for children. Through humor and curiosity for mechanics and creativity, we invite you to a show where poetry lies in the ugly and untidy, not in the aesthetically beautiful and clean.  

Garage is a dirty and humorous theater show for adults and children from 10 years old. The action takes place in a mechanical workshop environment. Here we meet two mechanics in dirty jumpsuits. They are passionate and curious with a strong fascination for how everything around them works. They have machines and engines that can solve the challenges they encounter during the day. The Garage also has a chicken. It delivers a new egg every day and this egg is the source of nutrition for the mechanics. What happens if the chicken one day starts laying several more eggs? And what if the food source disappears?

Garage is produced in cooperation with Turnéteatret i Trøndelag and with support from Norsk Kulturfond, Spenn and Trondheim kommune.

Concept: Gilles Berger and Espen Dekko
Director: Espen Dekko
Scenography: Gilles Berger
Composition: Martin Smidt
Costume design: Jenny Hilmo Teig
Choreographer’s: Silje Michaela Kvalheim
Actors: Gilles Berger and Paal Viken Bakke
Producer: Turnéteatret in Trøndelag and Cirka Theater by Monica Stendahl Rokne