Claire Parsons Co (S)

06/12/2018 - 10:00 - 10:45
Fra 4 år

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The stage is covered with grass and half a car is about to enter. Two red-headed figures and a coffee craving neighbor appear. Movements take place and the music mixes with sounds of birds and lawn mowers. Suddenly the rain juggles under a cloud. Big and small, the perspectives are playing with us. Here in the grass, anything can happen!

The family performance Grass is an imaginative collaboration between Claire Parsons Co and Marionetteatern, with dancers, puppeteers and circus artists meeting on stage for the first time. The collaboration stems from compatible views on performing arts for young audiences; interest in the space, how to communicate with young ages and the mix of expressions.


Choreography and direction: Claire Parsons
Original cast: Mira Björkman, Magnus Erenius (Marionetteatern), Viktor Gyllenberg
Cast fall 2018: Mira Björkman alt. Emelie Garmén, Elias Girod alt. Petter Wadsten, David Nondorf
Scenography: Anna Nyberg
Original music and musical arrangement: Mikael Svanevik
Costume: Bitte Palm
Mask: Gunilla Pettersson
Light design: Olof Carlsson
Puppets: Kay Tinbäck Du Rées
Puppetry instruction: Helena Nilsson

Grass is a co-production between Claire Parsons Co. and Marionetteatern at Kulturhuset Stadsteatern in Stockholm, and premiered in September 2016. With support from the Swedish Arts Council, The Stockholm Cultural Council and The Regional Council of Stockholm.

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