Frida Odden Brinkmann

07/12/2018 - 13:30
Fra 3 år

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Incrompehnesibel is a performance about exclusion, language barriers and inclusion.

The juggling ball ‘Kugel’ arrives in a new place where she struggles to be accepted and understood. He tries to understand and make himself understood but gets tired of not being able to be himself. The others are so different! Some are even a bit scary. Is Kugel brave enough to find friends even if they don´t speak the same language? Are there other ways to be together? And does the universe has to be the same way as it always has been?

The show is based upon Frida Odden Brinkmann’s experience moving to France to study without speaking a word of French. It is a solo show, without words, mixing juggling, movement, object theatre and music.

We don´t speak the same language. You don´t understand who I am. I have so much to offer, but you miss it. When I try to say something, I appear stupid and simple. I get tired of not being me. I try to break the code, find the connection, understand a word here and another there. A rupture, a riddle I have to solve … Now, I can talk, but I still don´t fit in. Socially winged. You are so different. Can we get something out of being together even if we don´t understand each other?



Idea/dramaturgy/artist: Frida Odden Brinkmann
Artistic director: Berit Eik
Choreography/Physical theatre coach: Torgunn Wold
Composer: Anthony Barratt
Scenography/costume design/poster: Katja Ebbel Frederiksen
Light design: Ivan Tomasevic Vucasovic
Costume production: Else Ciljan Jacobsen
Scenography/props production: Gøril Rostad
Technician: Knut Ole Ringstad
Photo: David Skauen