Into the unknown

Into the unknown

Erler teaterkompani

03/12/2021 - 14:00
Fra 13 år

A medium. A caravan. An unforgettable experience.

Are you at a crossroads in life and need advice? Do you have questions about your future? About our common survival or doom? Is there something you go around, pondering about that you almost dare not think aloud? Then you have a unique chance to get answers.

This autumn, Madame Solange parks her caravan at Showbox and opens the doors to the other side. Madame Solange is an experienced medium with telepathic abilities. She has traveled the country for many years with her Solifer Arctic 552 caravan. Inside, everything is ready for an intimate session with the unknown. She guarantees you contact with the other side. You will get answers to life’s big questions and you will have the chance to ask good spirits for advice, about yourself, about the world around you and about the mysteries of life.

But contacting the other side also has its price. A spiritual encounter is not without some risk. On the other hand, evil forces are also simmering – not everything between heaven and earth can be controlled. Evil forces always lurk in the dark. Do you dare?


An intimate horror show for young people.

Several performances throughout the day.