KROMspring: Mellomtiden

Rom for dans

30/11/2021 - 12:00 - 13:00
From 10 years

Room for Dance’s new production Mellomtiden, draws lines between alternations and inspiration from the aesthetics, stories and characters of the Fantasy genre, and address major questions about life and death. We play with the concept of time, and the big questions in life; how long is an eternity – and what happens in the meantime?

The performance contains many different narrative elements that create several layers of interpretive possibilities for the audience. We use cinematic means and the action changes between different times and places.

Recipe for Fantasy: Take a timeless world and a story of life and death. Add a problem, and preferably some imaginative figures who can take us from time to time. Feel free to also bring a mythological creature, a non-human being, such as a dragon. Stir well!

The time we live in and the external context that the pandemic has given us also add new meanings to the performance. For how do we relate to a world where everything is turned upside down and becomes unpredictable, and we can no longer meet in the usual way?


We have a very limited number of tickets. Send email to with request.


Artistic responsibility, choreography, dramaturgy: Caroline Wahlström Nesse and Marius Kjos.
Co-creative practitioners: Tora Brekke, Jonathan Ibsen and Kristine Søgnesand
Text: Kristine Søgnesand
Music: Martin Ødegaard.
Lighting design: Ane Reiersen
Costume design: Kjell Nordström
Set design: Marius Kjos in collaboration with Caroline Wahlström Nesse
Production: Camilla Myhre, Thea Åretun Svensson and Martin Bergo Selsjord.


a mustering / festival for, by and with children and young people.

The mustering / festival KROMspring is a collection of 5 of our professional works, as well as performances where children and young people themselves are creative and performing.

KROMspring contains workshops and performances produced for DKS where children and young people can participate, experience, create and reflect. The workshops and performances are offered to school classes in Oslo during the day, as well as to a limited adult audience connected to the festival Showbox, arranged by Scenekunstbruket.

On Friday, we arrange in collaboration with ShowBox a workshop on participation.

Our work at Rom for Dans springs from a relational artistic practice that invites interaction, bodily experience and experience. The basis is an overriding artistic goal of seeing the individual, working with inclusion and democracy, and addressing issues that affect being human in encounters with others.

It is a goal that KROMspring will become an annual event. All performances during KROMspring are followed by various writers and researchers who will develop texts for a collection of articles / anthology that deals with creative work, children, young people, participation and reflection.