KROMspring: Sometimes I envy the goldfish

KROMspring: Sometimes I envy the goldfish

Ro for dans

01/12/2021 - 12:00 - 13:00
From 16 years

Sometimes I envy the goldfish is a dance performance about identity, gender, relationships and independence. Inspired by Erlend Loes Naiv.Super and the naive narrative style in this book, we want to illuminate complex and difficult themes with a naive, wondering and at times humorous look. In a society that is constantly focusing on finding ourselves and presenting ourselves as perfect on the internet, we need to say; it is no big deal, you are more than interesting enough as you are!


Sometimes I envy the goldfish is a dance performance especially aimed at students in middle school and high school. Sometimes you may envy the goldfish, which forget what they have experienced seconds after it has happened, and which therefore never reflect much on their own existence. It must be liberating, especially in a society that constantly tells you that you must find yourself, be yourself and realize yourself. “You are good enough as you are, never forget it, but here are 10 points that make you a better version of yourself.” Especially in the vulnerable teens, problems related to identity are something that concerns most people. It’s hard to navigate an endless jungle of contradictory information about who we are.

Co-produced by and at Rom for Dans and with an artist stay at Seanse, the performance was created in 2021. The performance has played during the Summer Dance festival in Vanvikan with very good feedback.

The choreographers and dancers Marte Brustad Melhus, Einar Reynisson Grimsby and Martin Bergo Selsjord have together with composer Harald Jordal Johannesen created the dance performance through the pandemic, which has offered its challenges and blessings.


We have a very limited number of tickets. Send email to with request.


Artistic responsibility, choreography, dramaturgy, text, scenography and performers: Marte K. B. Melhus, Einar R. Grimsby and Martin B. Selsjord
Music: Harald Jordal Johannesen
Lighting design: Einar Reynisson Grimsby
Co-produced by Rom for Dans, with the support of SPENN and SEANSE.


a mustering / festival for, by and with children and young people.

The mustering / festival KROMspring is a collection of 5 of our professional works, as well as performances where children and young people themselves are creative and performing.

KROMspring contains workshops and performances produced for DKS where children and young people can participate, experience, create and reflect. The workshops and performances are offered to school classes in Oslo during the day, as well as to a limited adult audience connected to the festival Showbox, arranged by Scenekunstbruket.

On Friday, we arrange in collaboration with ShowBox a workshop on participation.

Our work at Rom for Dans springs from a relational artistic practice that invites interaction, bodily experience and experience. The basis is an overriding artistic goal of seeing the individual, working with inclusion and democracy, and addressing issues that affect being human in encounters with others.

It is a goal that KROMspring will become an annual event. All performances during KROMspring are followed by various writers and researchers who will develop texts for a collection of articles / anthology that deals with creative work, children, young people, participation and reflection.


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