Kunsten å bli voksen

The Art of Growing up

To og 1/2 mann (Tjørstad, Soulbase & Zawadi)

30/11/2023 - 13:00 - 13:45

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“The Art of Growing Up” is a standup musical by buddies Sebastian Tjørstad, Soulbase, and Zawadi. Humor and music intersect in an unfiltered look back at teenage memories, melodrama, and growing up without arms and legs.

The piece provides insight into the confusing state of being young, facing dreams, infatuations, and expectations. “I want to show the kids that before everything works out, it has to hurt a bit” – Sebastian Tjørstad

Sebastian Tjørstad describes himself as Norway’s loudest cripple. He’s a comedian and multi-artist with a unique perspective, known from “Førstegangstjensten”, National Theater, and Latter Live. He’s been a comedian for 13 years but has also been a dancer and actor for 10 years.

Soulbase has been a DJ and producer since 2006 and has worked with many of the country’s top artists. He calls himself a “hip-hop scholar colored by many years of traveling”. He is perhaps best known for his Afro Fusion productions and as the part of the group Iskald Sound.

Zawadi is a songwriter, singer, and voice actor. He is heavily inspired by R&B and Soul music and has a unique ability to balance between melancholy and humor. He is also known from the band Offentlig Sektor.

Varighet: 45 minutter
Språk: norsk
Målgruppe: Ungdom

Produced by Sebastian Tjørstad, Vegar Dahl and Christian Tim Petterson
Performers: Sebastian Tjørstad, Vegar Dahl, Christian Tim Petterson
Idea: Sebastian Tjørstad, Vegar Dahl and Christian Tim Petterson


Photo: Tanja Steen, Vegar Dahl