Make Me Dance

Panta Rei Danseteater

29/11/2017 - 15:00 - 16:00
From 13 years

Make Me Dance is a choreographed concert. Through movement, sound and text examines three dancers and one musician why they have ended up just like professional artists. Make Me Dance is a performance about the choices we make, and for the small, yet universal stories that shape us as human beings.

Make Me Dance is produced by Brageteatret and Panta Rei Dance Theater and is part of the comprehensive project TILT

TILT is a three-year dance project that will make large parts of eastern Norway to dance. Panta Rei Dance Theater collaborates with three regional theaters over three years to create a new production for the tournament every year. The tours are followed up by bespoke dance projects in each municipality and each city. TILT should be an inclusive project for both professionals and amateurs in Østfold, Hedmark, Oppland, Buskerud and Oslo. Dance is art, dance acts unifying and dancing is something that creates joy. TILT will both create the joy of dancing, giving great art experiences and be the starting point for discussion. First stop was Østfold in 2015, then a tour in 2016 and the final round taking place now, in 2017 in Oslo.

rtistic Direction and Choreography: Anne Holck Ekenes

Choreography: Pia Holden
Dancers: Julie Drønen Ekornes / Nora Martine Svenning
Jens Jeffry Trinidad, Jon Filip Fahlstrøm
Composer and musician: Improvisível (Marcus Amadeus)
Sets: Mie Dinesen
Dramaturg: Elin Amundsen Grinaker
Lighting design: Thomas Evensen

Special thank you to Hugo Marmelada, Julie Drønen Ekornes, Jens Jeffry Trinidad, Jon Filip Fahlstrøm for generous and creative process.

Here you can read about TILT: