Meg, meg meg, og Th'Line

Me, me and Me


30/11/2017 - 13:30 - 14:45
From 13 years

In the performance Me, Me and Me, we meet four different characters that are really the one and same person.

All sound and light are controlled from the stage of the two actors and are actively used as an instrument in relationships between the characters. By playing with shape and genre, Th’line wishes to create curiosity about performing artsand motivate youngsters to create themselves.

Concept, choreography, scenography, lighting design, costume design and performers: Ida Wigdel and Kristina Søetorp Wallace
Composer: Juhani Silvola
Video: Antero Hein
Thanks to Evelina Dembacke and Tilo Hahn for contributions to scenographic elements and light ideas.