KROMspring: #Me


Rom for dans

05/12/2018 - 11:30 - 13:30
Fra 13 år

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#Me&U questions the potential of being you today, and explores identity, self-image and gender. The performance wants to make young people aware about their own expressions and choices. In the wake of #Metoo, and in today’s culture of sharing stories and images on social media, youngsters need tools to talk about body, sexuality and how to set boundries for what they want to participate in. The production includes a participatory part and a performance.

The artists meet the youngsters closely, and the audience can both reflect, create and experience.

This session consists of a workshop and a performance. Will be translated/held in english for english speaking participants.


Artistic responsibility: Caroline Wahlström Nesse
Professional responsibility: Caroline Wahlström Nesse and Camilla Myhre
Dramaturg: Marius Kjos
Performers: Ida Haugen, Anita Vika Langøgaard, Charlott Utzig, Erlend Danielsen, Sebastian Biong
Composer: Julia Gjertsen
Costume: Antti Björn
Light: Anders Ødegaard
Technician: Thea Åretun Svensson
Photo: Tom Sinding-Larsen
Producer: Camila Myhre and Mari Haugen