Monster i magen

Monster in the stomach

Rimfrost produksjoner

02/12/2021 - 11:00 - 11:45
From 6 years

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Before, my stomach was full of regular belly-things such as intestines and breakfast and cinnamonbuns. I had a mom then. Then my mom got tiny tainy. And then a huge monster egg appeared inside the stomach – here!


When the girl’s mother dies, the Girl discovers that a monster has moved into her belly. The monster refuses to move out and makes her do all sorts of stupid things. Not least, the monster makes monster juice that drips out of her eyes when she gets upset and it destroys everything. The girl has invited the audience in for a sleepover. The hour of settlement has come: The monster must leave!

Monster in the Stomach is a warm, fun and a bit weird monologue performance for children about grief management. About missing someone with all their heart and that there is no final decision on how to be sad.


The performance is a co-production between Brageteatret and Rimfrost productions that is suitable for people from 6 years.

Monster in the Stomach is written and directed by Lina Killingdalen. It is produced by Rimfrost productions and Brageteatret, and premiered on January 29, 2020.




Anna Helene Valberg writes on

One of the most important messages is that there is no final decision on how to mourn. There is nothing wrong with reacting with neither a stone face nor an everyday life dissolved in tears. In Monster in the Stomach, the child’s grief is portrayed beautifully and touchingly, but with humor and sting. It’s funny and sad, a little scary and quite cozy. Monster in the Stomach is really nice theater.


Andreas Røst in Norwegian Shakespeare Magazine:

One of the privileges of watching theater with a children’s audience is that it becomes easier to see what engages the show’s target group. Here, there is no doubt that the performance thrives, and it appears both as if the children are sitting on needles of excitement, at the same time as they feel safe enough to make exclamations about what the girl should do in different situations. This success can be linked to high quality at all levels.




Produced by: Rimfrost productions and Brageteatret.
Director and playwright: Lina Killingdalen
Actress: Stine Anette Hemmingsen
Composer: Kristin Dyrud
Set designer and costume designer: Mari Lotherington
Lighting designer: Øystein Heitmann
Sound designer: Andreas Wangsbro
Playwright: Kristin Bjørn
Director: Ingrid Forthun
Manufacturer: Siri Børs-Lind
Technician: Espen Nordheim
Tour leader: Tom-Stian Lenningsvik


The performance is supported by the Norwegian Cultural Fund, the Fund for Sound and Vision, Fresh Stages, Dramatikkenshus, the Norwegian Composers’ Fund, the Fund for Performing Artists, the Fund for Freelancers, Rådstua theater house and