Duda Paiva Company (NL)

05/12/2018 - 11:00 - 12:00
12 år

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How strange creatures the puppets of Duda Paiva are! They have funny heads. They have wings and tails, but also arms and legs… what are they? Animals, humans, or both? And they look so sweet and touchable… but are they? Luckily, Narcissus controls the monsters and he shows the audience all the tricks he has taught them: a somersault, a dance, a song and even how to fly! But the monsters hate to do these tricks. They start to rise against him, and you begin to ask yourself who the real beast is. One thing is clear in this ever changing slapstick performance: what you see is not what you get.


Concept/direction: Duda Paiva
Dramaturgy: Kim Kooiman
Dance/performers: Josse Vessies, Cat Smits, Tim Velraeds /Alex Brouwer
Puppets: Duda Paiva, Justyna Banasiak, André Mello, Tim Velraeds
Sound: Wilco Alkema
Light: Mark Verhoef
Décor: Daniel Patijn
Costume: Atty Kingma
Advice: Harriet Stroet
Repetitor: Ederson Xavier
Production: Marijana Mikolcic
Co-producer: Korzo

Monsters premiered on 20th April 2017 as a part of the Pop Arts Festival at De Krakeling.