Morning talks 1

Morning talks

05/12/2019 - 09:00 - 10:00

A conversation led and moderated by young people from the EU-prosject Teen Ambassadors Across Europe oand Scenekunstbrukets unge stemmer about performing arts for children and young people.

We promise strong coffee!


Rules of the Kitchen Table

  1. The moderator should be a teenager.
  2. Adult speaker should be timed and will be given a maximum of three minutes to speak. A speaker can continue for longer than three minutes if this is agreed unanimously by the teenagers.
  3. There has to be food at the kitchen table.
  4. The room must be set out to resemble a kitchen table (or maybe like a picnic, for example) with the spectators around the setting.
  5. The teenagers act as the grown-ups and the adults in the audience act as the kids. In other words: the teenagers are the experts, the adults in the audience the students.
  6. Whilst it is important that the audience gets involved, the discussion is focused on the opinions of the teenagers, so adults should keep quiet and raise their hand if they want to talk.
  7. Opinions should be supported by experiences or examples.