Norwegian premiere: Mago 1

Norwegian premiere: Mago

Babyopera/Babyart (KR)

04/12/2018 - 13:30 - 14:00
0-3 år

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In collaboration with Babyart (Korea), the Norwegian Babyopera has made this performance for children 0-3 years. We are told the myth of the great goddess Grandmother Mago. She created the world with all its geological formations using mud, stone and own body fluids. The myth originates from the Kwanbuk region of today’s North Korea and tries to explain the magical and beautiful mystery of nature.Magois created with Samii music, Korean traditional dance and a Norwegian-Korean scenography and costume.

Magois a collaboration between Norwegian Babyopera and Korean Babyart. It is a result of Korea-Nordic Connnection; a co-operation and exchange programme connecting Korean and Nordic performing arts professionals working with young audiences (ages 0-18). It aims to build a solid foundation for long-term artistic collaboration, exchange and networks between the countries. The Norwegian partners are PAHN (Performing Arts Hub Norway) and the Korean partners are KAMS (Korean Arts Management Service) and ASSITEJ Korea.


Idea, concept and direction: Christina Lindgren
Music composition: Torgeir Vassvik
Choreography: Hyun Kim
Assistant Choreography: Ka Hyun Kim
Scenography: Yun Kyung Bae/ Huasis
Costume design: Christina Lindgren
Co-design Costume of Musician: Ramona Irene Myrseth and Sally Page Turner Performing artists: Gun Kim and Torgeir Vassvik
Soundscape entrance area: Sujin Lee
Illustration: Iuliia Goncharenko
Graphic design: Design Eight
Video production: Production GROOJAM
Costume production: Sunwoo Chun and Sally Page Turner
Production management: Babyart with Hee Sun Kim (Korea) and Babyopera with Christina Lindgren/ Mari Baade (Norway)

Supported by:
The Norwegian Arts Council, PAHN (Performing Arts Hub Norway), Samii National Theater Beaivvas, Sami Arts Council, Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Korea , KAMS (Korean Arts Management Service), Korea Creative Content Agency, Seoul Metropolitan Government, Huasis

Premiere show: July 27th 2018 The Oil Tank Culture Park Seoul Korea