Biong / Schia

05/12/2018 - 13:30 - 14:30
Fra 16 år

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Glittering memories, bloated dreams and golden moments.
12 kg of gold in millions of tiny pieces stick to the skin. Gold is slippery to dance on.
Nauseating positivity can be so disgusting that you want to escape your own skin
It’s hard to be bigger than yourself.

Biong/Schia, has in this performance, based the choreography in the relationship between hormones and movements. In a maximalistic landscape, they balance parody and sincerity. As the shifting shapes of moving gold reveals, the performers are constantly working to move the limits of how extreme expressions of joy they can make, by influencing our own body and mind. Specific movements and actions help to produce different hormones in our body.


Choreography and concept: Biong / Schia
Performers: Katja Henriksen Schia and Nina Biong
Composer: Åse Ava Fredheim
Photo: Allan Hiley
Video/clip: Ola Thingstad
Costume: Kristine Gjems
Light: Svein Inge Neergård
Partners: DansiT, Tou Scene, NKR, FFUK
Thanks to: Norwegian Taiji Centre.

Premiered TOU scene, Stavanger – autumn 2017.