Parasite: Join the house artists at Kuben upper secondary school

Parasite: Join the house artists at Kuben upper secondary school


01/12/2021 - 13:00 - 13:45

Join a tour around Kuben and get an insight into the life of a house artist. Landing has worked at Kuben upper secondary school for eight consecutive weeks, and during this period they have become part of the school. In the project, they explore what happens when they move their dance practice into a high school, and use the rooms, students and formats found there. The aim of the project is to develop strategies for meeting students through art and the body, and to investigate how contemporary art can be relevant to this target group.

During Showbox, Landing has its last week at Kuben upper secondary school, and they offer the Showbox audience a tour with the house artists around Oslo’s largest upper secondary school. Duration of the trip is about 45 minutes.


Kuben upper secondary school is located opposite the Kloden theater. Meeting point at the main entrance. The tour is free, registration to


Read more about the project at:


Choreography and performance: Sigrid Kopperdal, Ida Gudbrandsen and Venke Marie Sortland
Costumes and performance: Fredrik Floen
Scenography: All
Collaborating partner: Kloden theater
Place of completion: Kuben upper secondary school

Supported by: Norwegian Cultural Council, Fund for Sound and Vision, SPENN