Åpningsforestilling: PULS


Cirka teater

30/11/2022 - 09:30 - 10:30
From 12 years

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Man, machine and magical rabble

Imagine bumping into a huge cube! A massive lump of rust, metal and scrap. Like a bunch of scraps from the past. Then the cube begins to wake up, and suddenly you are caught up in a series of strange, incomprehensible events. What does the cube want with you? Does anyone manage it? And not least: will you ever escape …?

Puls raises questions related to man’s footprint on the earth. Humans have a great urge to create, build and invent. But what happens to man when he is confronted with the result of what we have created? Could our inventions change us in ways we could never have foreseen?

Puls is a fun and exciting performance that plays with illusions through physical, wordless interaction and spectacular effects with many surprises. This show is something you’ve never seen before – simply a gift package of surprises, excitement and magic!

Cirka Teater is one of the country’s most experienced performing arts companies. They have produced more than 40 shows that have played both nationally and internationally, received many accolades and wowed thousands of audiences. Puls is co-produced with Teatret Vårt.

Reviewer Amund Grimstad writes in Klassekampen: “…a wondrous and magical journey into a fantasyland”

Idea and concept
Espen Dekko and Gilles Berger

Gilles Berger and Karoline Ellingsen Wheeler

Espen Dekko

Gilles Berger

Technical solutions
Gilles Berger and Richard Verley

Lighting design
Eirik Torsethaugen

Sound design and composition
Martin Smidt

Costume design
Berit Haltvik With

Leo Thorn

Ingrid Bjørsnøs Kvam

Producer pre-phase
Monica Stendahl Rokne