Sea Me!


01/12/2021 - 10:00 - 10:45
From 4 years

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Do you remember anything from when you were inside mom’s belly?

How was it really there?

Join an underwater dream trip where you dive into history with some strange creatures. In «Sea Me!» you get to use your senses to discover the intimate cocoon where our lives began. In this performance, the children are led through an underwater universe, similar to the child’s nine-month journey as a water creature in the mother’s inner sea.


“Sea Me!” is an interactive performance and is suitable for children between 5 and 8 years.

Duration: 45 min.


Artistic team:

Director: Petra Casale
Co-creative practitioners: Silje Lindberg, Christine Ryndak
Set designer: Roxane Marquant
Costume Designer: Adrien Abba
Composer: Julie Bessard
Playwright: Lise Thiollier
Lighting designer: Sune Schjelderup
Sound designer: Play Finne Raknes
Graphic design: Ginevra Dondina
Producer: Liavaag / Lindberg


“Sea Me!” is a production of Liavaag / Lindberg created in collaboration with Turnéteateret in Trøndelag and Dans in Trøndelag.

Supported by La Maison de la Poesie of Normandie, L’Entre-Pont in Nice and Girandole Theater in Paris, Kulturradet, FFUK, Fund for Sound and Vision, Oslo Municipality, Trøndelag County Municipality and Sparebankstiftelsen SMN.