Showbox Fringe: Didn't know that about you

Showbox Fringe: Didn’t know that about you

Undercover Theatre Company

05/12/2019 - 19:30 - 20:30
Fra 15 år

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The Gods invite you to the ultimate house party!

David Tann (UK) and Karen Houge (NO) collaborate with Malaysian super-star Bella Rahim, director Elisabet Topp and the visual artist Simon Matthew Valentine to create an intoxicating show about power play.
The old Gods’ popularity is fading – where have the offerings and worshipping gone? Humanity is invited to a feast of glory and glitter. This is the Gods’ last chance to regain the throne and uphold the ways of old.

«Didn’t Know That About You» is a play about power structures and the different expectations men and women face. Inspired by interviews with young people in Norway and Malaysia, it both makes light of and shines a light on what is deemed acceptable of a young person in today’s society.


Audience: 15 and up
Lenght: 55 minutes
Language: English

Text: Karen Houge, Bella Rahim, David Tann and Elisabet Topp
With: Karen Houge, Bella Rahim, David Tann
Director: Elisabet Topp

Choreography: Cecilie Marjatta Välinen
Project management: Johanna Foss
Producer: Karen Houge
Light: Karen Houge
Sound: David Tann
Music: David Tann, Håvard Gressum Antonsen
Video/audio: Simon Matthew Valentine

Supported by: Fritt Ord, Norsk Kulturråd, FFUK og SPENN.

Photography: Frederik Tellerup