Showbox Inclusive: Trollet som ikke kunne telles

Showbox Inclusive: The troll that could not be counted

Teater Avatar

06/12/2018 - 13:00 - 13:45
Fra 6 år

Mons Ivar is ten years old. He does not think it’s so easy to be himself, and the math test at school gives him a bad lump in his stomach. His father is not very understanding. He is an accountant and believes that everything can be counted, assessed and improved! One day Mons Ivar runs away from school and in the same night a troll appears in his room.

The troll that could not be counted explores the consequences of measuring everything. The performance challenges the pressure that children and young people meet in both school and family life. Not all that “counts” can be counted – and not everything counted “counts”!

The target group is children from 6 to 12 years old and all adults who realize that TROLLS ARE NEEDED!

Duration: 40 minutes

Produced by Teater Avatar with support from Akershus Theater, Dramatikkens hus, SPENN and Kulturrådet.

Drama: Gunnar Germundson
Director: Berit Eik
Puppetryers: Kristoffer Bakken Erichsen, Yngvild Danielsen
Technical consultant: Ragni Halle
Scenic Concept: Berit Eik, Linda Bucheli
Doll design, dollmaker, costumes: Linda Bucheli
Dollmaker, doll consultant: Kari Nordeger
Wig: Ada Hetland Solbakken
Composer: Oddbjørn Austevik
Musicians: Oddbjørn Austevik, Lars Tingelstad
Sound design and music production: Atilo Baez
Lighting design: Kai Roger Havn
Scenography: Gunnar Ausland, Ragni Halle
Painting: Eva Hansel
Consultants’ scenography: Linda Bucheli, Kai Roger Havn
Poster design: Linda Bucheli
Producer: Berit Eik
Project leader: Heidrun Øverby