Tornerose sov i hundre år

Sleeping Beauty

Jammy Voo, Rhum and Clay og Teater Innlandet

29/11/2017 - 19:00 - 20:00
From 8 years

She refuses to get out of bed. Just want to sleep. For a hundred years. At least.

Tornerose (Sleeping beauty) is a delicious dark and fun show, inspired by the Brothers Grimm’s famous fairy tale. With live music, puppets, physical theater and 80ies esthetics, we are served a juicy portion of teenage trouble. A kiss may be the solution to much, but not everything …

With: Kate Edwards, Emily Kreider, Julian Spooner, Matthew Wells, Eliza Wills-Crisp, Greg Hall
By: Jammy Voo Theater in collaboration with Rhum and Clay
Director: Yngvild Aspeli
Music: Greg Hall and Emily Kreider
Scenography: Polina Borisova
Costume designer: Sylvia Denais
Light design: Dominic Jeffery
Puppets: Polina Borisova and Yngvild Aspeli