Tilstander av unntak (15:20-16:20) - En time som formet Norge

States of exception (15:20-16:20) – An hour that shaped Norway

Tore Vagn Lid / Transiteatret-Bergen

29/11/2022 - 10:00 - 11:00

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NB! Time &TBA. 

In collaboration with Vega Scene

by Tore Vagn Lid with Transiteatret-Bergen


One hour in a state of emergency.

It is now over ten years ago – it is already history:

A timeline stretches through a scaffold, built up as an installation of wood, camera, instruments, track strings, tape players and small and large speakers. Second by second, minute by minute, a team of cartoonists, musicians and film artists will reconstruct the time it took a young man to blow up the Norwegian government building and then execute young social democratic politicians at a summer camp. Unlike films about the terrorist’s action, or plays that read aloud from Anders B. Breivik’s manifesto, the artists do not work in retrospect, but in a sense prospectively. That is to say: The events are attempted to be reconstructed “from the beginning”, from the series of moments when nothing was yet clear, and no one knew quite what was about to happen; what was important and what was not; who would be behind it, and how the outcome of this Friday would be.

The audience is taken back to the beginning, to the explosion in the Government Quarter. Then follow sixty decisive minutes – exactly one hour – that shook Norway on a rainy Friday afternoon in the summer of 2011.



Anders Elsrud Hultgreen (camera)

Tor Christian F Bleikli (lights/camera)

Øystein Nesheim (drawing and light)

Morten Skage (technique and bass)

Direction, music and Audio-Visual concept: Tore Vagn Lid