GREAT Art for Young Children

04/12/2018 - 09:30 - 12:00

The seminar will be held in English

Through the Dansens Hus project STOR kunst for små barn (GREAT Art for Young Children), which has been made possible thanks to generous funding from the Savings Bank Foundation DNB, three new performances were presented at Dansens Hus in 2017 and 2018. The performances were Sans and samling by Becker/Fiksdal/Langgård, We are Symphony by Oslo Koreografiske and Lulla by dybwikdans.

Now all three of them are gathered to a small festival. In connection with the festival there will be a seminar: Professor Leif Hernes and associate professor Ellen Os (both OsloMet) leads the discussion where artists will share experiences about creating performances for children 0-3 years and sharing thoughts about the group of children and their future as audiences.

All three performances produced under the project GREAT Art for Young Children has qualities that gives children (together with their caretakers) good art experiences.

We have invited Associate professor Lise Hovik to comment on the three works. Hovik has worked with children as audience for performing arts for many years and combines her academic work with creating performances for children. Hovik will discuss the meaning of art for this group, what it means for the art itself and the artists who take on the challenge of creating art for the youngest children (0-3 years). Lise Hovik brings with her both a national and international perspective.

Lise Hovik is associate professor of Drama at Queen Maud University College of Early Childhood Education, in Trondheim. Hovik is currently working on the project Neither Fish nor Fowl, investigating the significance of affect in art for children in kindergarden.


Tuesday 4th December at 9:30 to 12:00
Dansens Hus cafe
Free, space limited. Registration required at


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