Strategic marketing for performing artists


02/12/2021 - 09:00 - 12:00

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Making yourself or your own projects visible in the performing arts can be overwhelming, awkward and feel arbitrary. Few of us are trained in marketing and the little we can do has been created through the well-known trial and error method. If you recognize yourself, then read on.

This autumn, we are putting together a professional marketing menu that you can take with you on a dark winter night in your freelance life. A best-of, pick-and-mix program consisting of courses and seminars that will enable you to fix the good posts on SoMe, as well as give you insight into the secret algorithms your project needs to reach the right group of enthusiasts .


Thursday 2.des

09:00 – 10:00 Coming


10:00 -11: 00 Katja Lindeberg gives a lecture about the marketing work related to the production “Bare en våt munn”, a production where the audience via social media got to be part of the whole process; the exploration of the theme and the personal journeys of the performers, all the way from the idea to the performance arose until the premiere and tour. Lindeberg took her master’s degree at Stockholm Dramatic University, “A year of Physical Comedy” in 2011 and has since been based in Trondheim where she runs Katja Brita Lindeberg Productions. Through her company, she works as a director, actor, screenwriter and producer.

11:00 – 12:00 Little Big Sister is a promo and management agency that represents artists such as Karpe, Cezinando, Emma Steinbakken, Emilie Nicolas, Gabrielle and Marit Larsen. Marthe Vee is the promo manager in Little Big Sister, she has a background as communications manager for NOPA (Norwegian Association of Composers and Lyricists) and as a journalist.


Location: Kuben Vgs. Kabelgata 10-12, 0580 Oslo
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