The frog at the bottom of the well thinks the sky is round

Vélo Théâtre (FR)

05/12/2019 - 16:30 - 17:45
8 and up

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We are all filled with the memories of our first home and our first experiences of the world in which we lived. The home is our first playground, a place that never leaves us.

In this family performance, we are welcomed by three devoted staff members who introduce us to a very unique universe. They work for a person who collects houses, and together with them we get access to the many secret rooms a house can have. We are taken on a poetic and dreamlike journey in stories that are told primarily through visual images.

“The house where we were born is more than a home, it’s a place built for daydreams”
G. Bachelard.

Target Group: From 8 years
Language: English