The Mule Boy

The Mule Boy

Teater Joker

03/12/2021 - 18:00 - 19:00
From 7 years

The mule boy’s brothers are captured by the troll, and he travels to find them. Together with his old and tired horse, he searches up the mountain with the troll in it. There he finds the brothers, transformed into stone.

Fortunately, he meets a suitably tough and wise princess. During the trip, the find some helpers who may be able to save him, the brothers and the princess.

The performance is a mixture of puppet theater and mask play in combination with Teater Joker’s distinctive signature. The physical theater form serial mime.


Screenplay / direction: Niels Peter Underland

Author and illustrator: Øyvind Thorseter

Actors: Kristoffer Hjulstad, Patrick Børjesson, Marianne Hetland, Haakon Strøm.

Set design and costumes: Gjermund Andresen

Doll maker: Grete Larsen

Composers: Raymond Enoksen and Geirmund Simonsen

Light designer: Johan Haugen

Playwright: Birgitte Strid

Producer Theater Joker: Guri Glans

Produced in collaboration with Nordland Teater, and marks Teater Joker’s 30th anniversary.

The performance is supported by the Norwegian Cultural Council, the Norwegian Composers’ Fund, the Fund for Sound and Vision.


Teater Joker

Teater Joker is a free theatrical company with an overriding goal of creating new performing arts, preferably in collaboration with a playwright on the development of the script.

Teater Joker has for almost 30 years (anniversary in 2021) created new theater drama for children and young people, and has a clear artistic identity and its own stage language. In total, Teater Joker has entertained over half a million children and young people with its subtle and distinctive plays, in parallel with some productions aimed at adults. All the company’s previous productions have toured in large volumes throughout the country, and have also visited festivals abroad, among others. Sweden, Iran, China and India, and in May 2020 they will host a festival in Japan. Teater Joker works closely with the Norwegian Opera & Ballet and Yu Theater in China.