The Party

The Party

ODE ung

01/12/2021 - 19:00 - 20:00
Fra 15 år

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Iben invites you to the world’s best home-alone party! What starts out as a perfect evening is quickly put to the test when uninvited people show up. Facades crack, friendships are tested and what should be the party of a lifetime, may be something completely different…


THE PARTY plays with the term “party” as a symbol of life. Through the use of social media in combination with its scenic expression, The Party takes on the task of understanding the youth’s socio-cultural norms and their ways of communicating.

The performance reflects a micro-universe and the challenges young people face in the demanding balancing act of standing up for themselves, setting boundaries – and society’s desire to belong to a group. Communication also takes place in a parallel universe, online.

Thematizing around how it has become more important to show how you live, rather than to actually live. It leads the audience through the young people’s own stories. Where the loneliness we all live in is illustrated via vastly different experiences of the same party. For some of the characters in the plot, the party represents happiness, inclusion, networking, humor and togetherness. For others, the party tastes of exclusion, loneliness, shame, abuse and bad drug experiences.


ODE Ung is an independent foundation that was established in 2012. Led by Nina Lill Svendsen and Christer Tornell, two established dance artists. In its productions, ODE Ung is based on themes sourced from young people’s own and self-experienced stories – prepared in consultation with the young people. In the work with the productions, a wide range of partners are brought in for the creative work. In this case, 10-15 young people at Edvard Munch upper secondary school will participate together with professional dancers.


Duration: 50 min
Audience and target group:  From 15 years
Thanks to Seanse by Marit Ulvund and Karstein Solli
Photo by Achy Ouafik / CODA


Made by and with

Nina Lill Svendsen and Christer Tornell (ODE Ung), Nanna Knutsson, Oliver Paulsson, Melanie Kajanne Källström and Lars Henriksen (dancers). Sound and light design by Petter Wiik, Christoffer Tornell and Sverre Randin.


Edvard Munch upper secondary school, DIXI, R.E.D., Nynorskens Hus, Scenekunstbruket, Fossumkollektivet, Uteseksjonen and CODA Oslo International Dance Festival

With support from, Oslo Municipality, CODA, Norwegian Cultural Council, Sparebankstiftelsen, Fund for Performing Artists and Seanse (pre-production