Tobias og dagen det smalt

Tobias og dagen det smalt

Rimfrost Produksjoner

03/12/2018 - 13:00 - 13:50
Fra 6 år

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Language: Norwegian

«We are about to take you on a journey into the incredible world of the dinosaurs. Our guide on this journey is the world’s leading dinosaur expert; Tobias! Tobias knows everything worth knowing about dinosaurs, from the smallest tiniest flimsy lizard to the ginormous Tyrannosaurus Rex!”

Most people call Tobias for Cecilie, actually everybody calls him Cecilie, even his parents.  Which is not so strange, because on the outside he looks like a girl, and nobody but Tobias knows that on the inside he is a boy. The nicest and coolest name he can think of is Tobias, and with his invisible friend Konrad, Tobias can be himself; the world greatest dinosaur expert. Together they host Tobias’s fabulous dinosaur show.

His best friend Pauline tries to help, but she does not know how. Tobias feels like when the meteor crashed into the earth, and all the dinosaurs died. What will happen if everybody finds out who he really is?

TOBIAS! is a play about friendship, dinosaurs and 9 year old Tobias who is transgender. The play is written by playwright Jenny Svensson and suited for primary school children. It is based on interviews from people with experience of being transgender, and children aged between 6 and 10 about gender identity and diversity.

Through a mixture of fantasy and reality, the play develops knowledge and insight that might help us understand the different ways of being human.


The performance is a collaboration between Rimfrost Productions and Hålogaland Theatre (the regional theatre for Troms and Finnmark). The play first premiered on the 23rd November 2017.

Thank you to everybody who has shared their stories, knowledge and expertise.

Playwright: Jenny Svensson
Director: Morten Røsrud
Dramaturg: Lina Killingdalen
Actors: Jonas Delerud, Kristine Myhre Tunheim, Alexander Rindestu
Scenography / Costume Design: Mari Lotherington
Music / Sound Production: Aggie Peterson
Lighting Design: Øystein Heitmann
Project Leader/Original Concept: Kristine Myhre Tunheim
Graphic Design: Liv Ragnhild Kjellmanm